Meet The Executive Board!

Kaitlyn Dominguez
Position: Co-President

Description: Dog-lover, ice cream obsessed, avid Target shopper, and a fanatic of The Office. Probably the only Computer Science major you’ll meet that doesn’t play video games.

Favorite SPC Event: Broadway Shows!! Amazing seats for a cheap price!

Best Thing About SPC:  All the opportunities SPC brings and being able to help plan all the fun events on campus!

Steve Matthews

Position: Co-President

Description: Business major, mostly because I look good in a suit. The best part of my day involves seeing a dog, and the best way to end it is with a milkshake from Stewart’s.

Favorite SPC event: Broadway trips and free comedy shows.

Best Thing About Being In SPC: Seeing Marist students enjoy themselves at events we all helped put on.

Michael Peridos

Position: Chief Financial Officer

Description: I am a junior and an Accounting major from Long Island, New York. On campus, I am also on the board for business club, as well as a member of Kappa Sigma. I love traveling and have been to about 20 European countries.

Favorite SPC Event: The Hypnotist

Best Thing About Being In SPC: Being able to work with really fun people to create events that everyone enjoys.

Gabriella Zubradt
Position: Marketing Chair

Description: Just your typical crazy, makeup addicted, Sagittarius aspiring to be a wizard at Hogwarts 🙂

Favorite SPC Event: $25 Broadway Shows!!

Best Thing About Being In SPC: Getting to plan different events and connect with people all over campus!

Alex Smith

me spc

Position: Webmaster

Description: Computer Science major that tries to put a smile on the face of everyone I meet. Probably the only person who goes to punk rock concerts and will sing every word of Broadway Musicals.

Favorite SPC Event: Broadway shows for only $25!

Best Thing About SPC:  Being able to get a variety of events so everyone can enjoy what they like!

Evan Michigan


Position: Comedian Chair

Description: Hi, my name is Evan Michigan. I’m from Glen Ridge, New Jersey. I’m a junior with a major in Business and a minor in Computer Science. I enjoy playing sports, hiking, and kayaking.

Favorite SPC Event: The Como brothers who came to play at an Coffeehouse. I loved their music and I hope they return.

Best Thing About SPC:  Working with new people and musicians that help enrich my Marist experience.

Maggie Mansfield
Position: Publicity Chair

Description: Hi! My name is Maggie and I am the Publicity Chair. I am a sophomore Digital Media major, with a concentration in Graphic Design, and a minor in Advertising. I am excited to be a new part of SPC, and look forward to my time on the board!

Favorite SPC Event: Bingo. It is the most popular, and we always have great prizes

Best Thing About SPC: I am most looking forward to designing new and exciting posters for the events.

Julia Feigus

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Position: Vice President

Description: I am a digital media major concentrating in graphic design with double minors in photography and communications, a dog lover, an avid tea drinker, and a sucker for sunflowers.

Favorite SPC Event: Either the Broadway shows or the spring concert.

Best Thing About Being In SPC: Being able to learn from and work with so many different people to be able to bring fun events to life for Marist students.

Michael Pepsin

Position: Socials Chair

Description: I’m a Computer Science major. I love music, and I’ve been playing guitar and saxophone since elementary school. I was even in a band in high school! I aspire to either design video games or protect important cyber assets, whichever sounds more fun at the time!

Favorite SPC Event: Trivia Night for sure. I’m not technically allowed to play but I’m really good.

Best Thing About SPC: I get to contribute to events that the student body enjoys, and that’s rewarding for me. I like to see my peers enjoying themselves.

Kelly Anne Noberto

Position: Secretary

Description: Hi, my name is Kelly Anne Norberto and I am the Secretary. I am a senior with a major in Communications Advertising and a minor in Graphic Design. I may be tiny, but I have a big heart. My favorite color is purple, and my favorite candy is jelly beans. I also like sports. As a kid, I played Soccer, Softball, and Gymnastics. I am a New York Rangers Fan!

Favorite SPC Event: Broadway shows

Best Thing about SPC: My favorite part of being in SPC is being about is being able to go on the Broadway shows!

Christina Comp

Position: Coffeehouse Chair

Description: Hi my name is Christina Comp and I am the Coffeehouse Chair! I’m a junior majoring in Psychology with a minor in Criminal Justice. I am also from New Jersey. A fun fact about me is that I have dual citizenship in Italy and I love to play guitar.

Favorite SPC Event: My favorite SPC events would be any singers that come to Marist to perform!

Best Thing about SPC: Coordinating with musical acts to come to campus!