Executive Board

Meet The SPC Board!


Tricia Fischetto

Position: President
Description: I’m a senior majoring in communications and minoring in psychology. I love being involved on campus at Marist and making a difference in our community! I am also the proud owner of three wonderful cats.
Favorite SPC event: The Broadway trips!
Best thing about being in SPC: SPC allows people with totally different personalities to come together and create programs for a wide variety of Marist students. There is something for everyone!

Lauren Aliberti
Position: Vice President
Description: Lover of life, the beach, Marshalls, Chipotle, and nail polish!
Favorite SPC event: BROADWAY SHOWS FOR $25!!!!
Best thing about being in SPC: I like that SPC provides on-campus events every weekend that promote meeting new people!

Norah Hartlipp
Norah Hartlipp
Position: Secretary
Description: Criminal Justice major,  always down for a good laugh (especially at my own jokes), chicken nugget fanatic, Sting enthusiast, lover of snacks.
Favorite SPC Event: The Broadway shows!
Best Thing About SPC: My favorite part of SPC is being introduced to new things I never thought I would try. The wide range of activities and opportunities is mind-opening!

Nick Carrozza

Position: Chief Financial Officer
Description: I like clowns.
Favorite SPC event: Bingo
Best thing about being in SPC: The free food

Brendan Wilson
Position: Shadowing Chief Financial Officer
Description: I am currently a senior, majoring in Marketing and minoring in Advertising, avid golfer, die-hard New York Mets Fan, and a huge country music fan, especially Kenny Chesney. My favorite movies include Step Brothers and Elf.
Fun Fact: My birthday is February 29 aka “Leap Day” so technically I am only 5 years old.
Favorite SPC Event: Bingo
Best Thing About SPC: Being able to work with amazing people while bringing a wide variety of fantastic events to campus!

Paige DiFiore
Position: Campus Connections Officer
Description: Journalism major, digital media minor, ruthless board game player, makeup hoarder, and aspiring goddess of a religion yet to be discovered.
Favorite SPC Event: $25 Broadway trips are always killer.
Best Thing About SPC: Being able to give students fun stuff to do without having to leave campus.

Kaitlyn Dominguez


Position: Webmaster

Description: Dog-lover, ice cream obsessed, avid Target shopper, and a fanatic of The Office. Probably the only Computer Science major you’ll meet that doesn’t play video games.

Favorite SPC Event: Broadway Shows!! Amazing seats for a cheap price!

Best Thing About SPC:  All the opportunities SPC brings and being able to help plan all the fun events on campus!

Rachel Leahy

Rachel Leahy

Position: Socials Chair
Description: Big fan of animals and organizing. Always happy to give and receive a friendly hello!
Favorite SPC Event: The Petting Zoo!
Best Thing About SPC: I love the family feel to the club!

Kiera Fitzgibbon
Kiera Fitzgibbon
Position: Publicity Chair
Description: A pizza enthusiast who loves to break out into dance at any given moment.
Favorite SPC Event: BINGO
Best Thing About SPC: Getting to see great comedians and artists and of course, the free food!

Steven Matthews


Position: Comedian Chair

Description: I’m a Business major and minoring in Production and Economics. I can’t go a week without a quesadilla, and at most a month without a milkshake from Stewart’s. Comedy (and milkshakes) bring my life joy.

Favorite SPC Event: The Comedian Events (and the Broadway trips!)

Best Thing About Being In SPC: Contributing to the awesome events that SPC creates!

Alyssa Nichols


Position: Coffeehouse Chair

Description: Next top chef, future contortionist, trilingual traveler, your favorite music enthusiast! Always looking for new songs or artists to listen to, so let me know what you love!

Favorite SPC Event: Broadway Shows!!! Who doesn’t love to spontaneously break out into dance and song?

Best Thing About SPC: Having the opportunity to work with new people and challenging myself to try new things. I really love all of the opportunities SPC provides.