Looking to have your voice heard on campus? Want to make a difference in the entertainment offered by Marist? Want to take part in awesome experiences, like working backstage at the spring concerts or seeing a Broadway show for free? Looking to gain real leadership and teamwork experience that you can add to a resume?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, look no further! I have the organization for you!

The Student Programming Council can be broken down into two groups: the executive board and general members. The executive board consists of 11 students and 1 staff advisor. To get to know us a little better, check out our Executive Board Page.

SPC relies heavily on the participation of general members. In order to be a general member of SPC, you have to attend monthly meetings and help out at SPC events throughout the course of the semester. To see the priority point breakdown, check out our Priority Point Page.

Types of Events

Most of the wonderful SPC events fall under one of the three main categories:

Our hilarious Comedian Category, led by Evan Michigan, is the central hub for all of the great comedy acts which have graced our campus in the past. So whether you have a passion for comedy, or just a steady case of the giggles, come check out the comedians in the Cab!

Our friendly Socials Category, led by Michael Pepsin, entails many of the miscellaneous events you have come to know and love at Marist – BINGO, trivia, petting zoos, and off campus trips just to name a few. If you love meeting new people or trying new things, come to the many social events on and off campus!

Our musical Coffeehouse Category, led by Christina Comp, features all of the on campus performances, open mic nights, and other musical acts that resonate in the halls of the Student Center. If following new artists and exploring different genres strikes a chord with you, then stop by for a fun time!

Participate in SPC!

Interested in joining SPC? Meetings are generally held every other Thursday, at 9:30pm in MU3202. These meetings are great because they allow us to discuss upcoming events, take group surveys, and brainstorm ways to promote SPC. As a general member, these meetings are your time to be heard! For more information about cool perks of being a general member, check out the General Members Page.