SPC 101

Looking to have your voice heard on campus? Want to make a difference in the entertainment offered by Marist? Want to take part in awesome experiences, like working backstage at the fall and spring concerts or seeing a Broadway show for free? Looking to gain real leadership and teamwork experience that you can add to a resume?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, look no further! I have found the organization for you!

The Student Programming Council can be broken down into two groups: the executive board and general members. The executive board consists of 10 students and 1 staff advisor. To get to know us a little better, check out our Executive Board Page.

SPC relies heavily on the participation of general members. In order to be a general member of SPC, you have to attend biweekly meetings and help out at SPC events throughout the course of the semester. To see the priority point breakdown for SPC general members, check out our Priority Points Page.


The Commitees

In order to actively engage general members, SPC had developed specific committees for general members to join based on their interests!

Our Comedian Committee, led by the zany and spirited Nolan DeGraff, is the central hub for all of the great comedy acts which have graced our campus in the past. By joining this committee, you will take a central role in exploring and selecting future comedians for the Marist student body. So whether you have a passion for comedy, or just a steady case of the giggles, this is a great committee to join!

Our Socials Committee, led by the ever-enthusiastic Rachel Leahy, entails many of the miscellaneous events you have come to know and love at Marist – BINGO, trivia, mentalists, and laser tag just to name a few. If you have a creative mind, and love thinking of new and exciting events to bring to campus, this is the committee for you!

Our Coffeehouse Committee, led by the very groovy Brendan Wilson, is responsible for all of the acoustic performances and open mic nights that resonate in the halls of the Student Center. If following new artists and exploring different genres strikes a chord with you, then you’re in the right place!

Last but certainly not least, is the committee that spreads word of our events all across campus. The Publicity Committee, led by master artist Kiera Fitzgibbon, is responsible for creating promotional posters that consistently grab the attention of passing students. Without these promotional tools, our venues would be empty, and our shows would be quite lonely. If you have an artistic soul, and know your way around a glue stick, then look no further!


Participate in SPC!

Interested in joining SPC? Meetings are generally held every other Thursday, at 9:30pm in MU3202. These meetings are great because they allow us to discuss upcoming events, take group surveys, and brainstorm ways to promote SPC. All of our members gather together before breaking into committees for more-focused work. As a general member, these meetings are your time to be heard!

Looking to go above and beyond as a general member? Each semester you have the opportunity to earn a staff pass and work behind the scenes of the most prominent concerts on campus. You will be able to help the SPC board in the days leading up to, and on the day of, our fall and spring concerts. As a reward for your help, you will have backstage access for the show, the opportunity to meet and snap a picture with the artist, and you get a free complimentary shirt and laminate to remember your awesome experience! In order to be eligible for a staff pass you must attend and help out at a specified number of events leading up to the concerts. This is a great experience that we urge everybody to consider! We often notice when general members go above and beyond helping out at events and earning staff passes, so we try to reward those superstar GMs with free Broadway show opportunities when they arise!

Have any questions about joining SPC? Shoot us an email at spcouncil@marist.edu!